Character Creation

Here lies the key to unlock the world of Drekhjarta! Once you have read through the Guidebook and have developed your character’s profile to a point that you are happy with it, come here to have your character approved. You can also peruse the wanted ads and adoptables posted by other members.

Character Applications, Adoptables
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This board contains all character-related things that you could need. Keep track of your threads with a helpful player log, plot out some storylines with other members, post some rumors or gossip that can be used in the IC world, or even send IC letters between characters!

Player Logs, Plotting, Rumors & Gossip, Correspondence
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World Building

While our world of Drekhjarta is vast and has many facets to it, we’d love the opportunity to open it up to the members! This corner of the forum is where you can write your own lore submissions, and even have them made into official lore by the staff.

Lore Submissions, Accepted Lore
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