GenderMale (He/Him/His)
Sexual OrientationPansexual
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Western mixed with Fairy makes Tyr a sight to behold. With layers of dragonfly wings in red and yellow, powered by a sleek, muscular body in hues of purple, he soars the sky like there is no tomorrow. Ice blue eyes compliment the set of long horns from his forehead, while it brings out the red, orange and yellow light in the feathers on his crown. The same feathers can be found on the shoulders and alongside the top of the tail, making him the perfect blend of beast and beauty.

There are no rules in love and war, as death will claim us all. I have seen much, heard much, but feeling the hate overpowers all. My heart is still pure, my body strong. Magic runs deep in my veins and I guard it like a treasure. But do not take my kindness for weakness. I can and I will burn cities to the ground. My kin comes first. Curiosity comes second. There is no place for love. 
There was nothing but snow and emptiness in his world when the shell was broken, the air burnt with every breath. Human and Fae was young and as muscles grew stronger around his bones, so did the hatred that would taint the world and swallow it up, piece by piece. When the cold could no longer hide the magic, his wings bore him towards the sky, forever looking down at carnage, while quietly mourning those who fell. He watched how his kin was slain, how the Fae rose to power until blood and death brought forth a Human king. While numbers dwindle, those who remain grow stronger. Soon he will step into the light and let his voice be heard.