just a typically sad little bird who lives for other people's happiness // believes in the stars and zodiacs and admires everything from a distance

hello! my name is shelby, though i go by avis/avicuiae for online purposes. i am 23 and have been in the role playing community for about 13 years with a focus on equines. i am working with gull as an admin here on THOD, and it is my first human rp. i am very excited to get to explore this new world with everyone, so please feel free to reach out to me for anything! i love plots, coding, and just generally helping people out however i can.

i live a typically busy life with my 4y/o italian greyhound (Fawn), my up-and-coming grand prix warmblood baby (Quinn), and my boyfriend. i have big plans for my little place in the horse world, so i spend a lot of time at the barn while working hard to afford my expensive habit; in addition, of course, to supporting members of the digital art community on DeviantArt by ordering commissions for my rp characters.

that said, i am very open to being approached by anyone for anything they may need, so please feel free to reach out to me! i typically respond within the day, if not the next. my best methods of contact are either a pm here on THOD or via discord (Avicuiae#8478).