Hey there! I'm Jazakfon- I go by Jaza or Jazzy- I was also known as Arcanum in older forum RP days.

I got my start in roleplay on Warriors forums over a decade ago and progressed to wolf forums where I played on many different sites over many years. I'm big on gaming, and picked up World of Warcraft early on in high school, where I've been ever since- I roleplay in-game there, too! Recently also picked up FFXIV because I love catboys. I love storytelling in all sorts of genres and rubbing my gay little hands all over everything.

Game info if you're interested:
WoW: Wyrmrest Accord (Horde), Moon Guard (Alliance)
WoW Classic: Bloodsail Buccaneers (Horde)
WoW Character List
FFXIV: Mateus <CYNE>
E'nhia Kosei (SAM), Mikh'o Tayuun (AST), Ji'ayah Iru (DNC), Peregrine Rook (MCH), Aeron'ir Reign (RDM)

Discord: PM me!
BattleTag: Jazakfon#11857

Avatar is my FFXIV main, E'nhia, drawn by bakaqeyama!