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7'6" / 500lbs / 30 wingspan / Scars from abuse
Mixed with Eastern and Wyvern the two-year-old is a unique beast, from muzzle to trail his body is serpentine giving him great flexibility. The eastern influence also gives his skull a sleeker shape, appearing to be a cross between a dragon and an elk. Especially with his muzzle, this makes his face narrow and longer as well as flattening his nose. Like many Easterns, he was born with ears, but instead of two, he has four. A heavy mix of fur and scales cover his body, protecting him in the cold and cooling him off when it is too warm for him. The fur around his neck and shoulders is thick, forming a heavy mane when he tucks his chin to his chest the fur sticks out more making him appear bigger. When doing this he folds his second set of ears down. Vir, when he isn't malnourished, is capable of supporting most of his weight on his legs and able to run swiftly. Using his wings only when he wants to go faster, his legs end in large five-toed paws with sharp retractable claws that act as cleats when running. He used to have dewclaws but they were removed when he was captured, the young bull's wings are massive. Due to his health, he tires easily, having not fully grown into his huge wings or growing size. His wings are membraned, with holes along the ends from his time in the king's training cells. The skin of his wings trails down to the third spike that starts at the base of his tail, the rest of the limb reaches past his body at an impressive length. From nose to tail he is