welcome to
the iron fox smithy

Layout of the Iron Fox:

**Floor Plans to come soon!**
Stepping into the Iron Fox you are immediately greeted with the smell of polishing oil and soot.  In the center of the room is a large wooden counter where most business and sales is conducted. To the left of the room is a stone hearth pressed against the wall, lit only when the weather requires it. All around the shop are various weapons hung up to be seen where curious children can’t reach them, sets of armor displayed on wood mannequins, and an assorted amount of household items tucked in shelves along the walls. The more exotic or expensive weapons and goods are locked in a number of display cases secured against the far wall behind the sales counter. Atop the central counter itself are small glass cases exhibiting beautifully crafted jewelry that shine in the lantern light.

There is a door across the room that leads to the private living quarters where customers are not permitted to enter.

Attached to the outside wall of the Iron Fox is the actual workyard, protected from the elements by a lean-to extending off of the roof. An anvil is stationed next to a blazing forge and smelter, two workbenches nearby for easy reach. An assortment of tools are hung neatly in their places upon custom built shelves stuck into the mortar wall of the Iron Fox itself.

The Iron Fox prides itself on dependable weapons or gear that can endure almost any situation. From our swords down to our signet rings, every workpiece is forged with masterful craftsmanship, precise symmetry and balance, and exquisite detail. Should the item purchased wear down or be broken, the Iron Fox will mend or repair said piece, free of charge.

Hours of Operation: mid-morning to evening, actual hours may vary


- Payment for goods and services crafted by the Iron Fox is to be made immediately before obtaining said item or service, with the exception of custom orders. Custom orders will require half of the total agreed upon payment up front, and then the other half will be paid upon completion of the designated workpiece.
- In the instance where the custom piece requires material not found in the smithy, the owner and patron will agree upon means to obtain said items and proceed with the order. Certain situations will vary in estimated time, price, etc.
- Patrons have forty-eight hours to claim their completed workpiece and fulfill payment after receiving proper notification. Failure to do so will result in the piece being offered for sale to the public.
- Returns and exchanges of certain goods are negotiable, with the exception of custom orders.
- Barter and trade is entertained, but never guaranteed.
- Children are not allowed in/and or near the forge and must be accompanied by an adult at all times when on premises of the Iron Fox.
- Patrons are not permitted entry into the back room, nor are they to handle/operate any tool within the smithy.
- Thievery of any sort is strictly prohibited and will be handled swiftly at the shop owner’s discretion. Bodily harm or forfeit of life may occur.

Failure to comply with any of the rules listed above will result in lawful action taken against the offender and permanent expulsion from the business and surrounding property.

Every patron (IC/OOC) is encouraged to visit the smithy, even if it’s just passing through or to check in! Everyone is more than welcome to come and chat, perhaps sit down for a cup of tea or some mead when the workload isn’t too busy, and fill Tristan in on the latest town gossip.

Patrons inquiring about sales or custom commission work may be asked to provide materials, depending on the workpiece in question. A simple chain necklace won’t be near as difficult to create as a dragonscale set of armor, for example. These types of interactions are encouraged for character development, resource gathering, and possible relation building!

Purchasing items from the Iron Fox is simple and painless! Simple items that are pre-made and available at the smithy have a set price. The price increases depending on the material used.

Custom orders or more refined/difficult pieces will require a number of posts/and or threads in which Tristan and the patron will discuss options of the workpiece, gather materials (this could take some time depending on the difficulty level of the resources needed for whatever is being crafted), and then finally the crafting process. Due to the complexity of some items the terms of ‘price’ will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Listed below is the typical inventory of weapons, armor, jewelry, and other miscellaneous goods. *Please note that the inventory is subject to change depending on current stock. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to inquire! Custom orders available now!*

   - Dagger: 5∀
   - Handaxe: 5∀
   - Battleaxe: 40∀
   - Greataxe: 50∀
   - Sword: 30∀
   - Longsword: 40∀
   - Greatsword: 50∀
   - Mace: 30∀
   - Morningstar: 30∀
   - Spear: 10∀
   - Lance: 15∀
   - Halberd: 20∀
   - Warhammer: 50∀

   - Chainshirt: 30∀
   - Breastplate: 50∀
   - Half-Plate: 75∀
   - Chain Mail: 100∀
   - Plate: 150∀
   - Shield: 30∀

**The following items vary on price. Please consult Tristan should you be interested in anything listed below!**

   - Rings
   - Broaches
   - Necklaces
   - Earrings
   - Circlets
   - Hairpin
   - Buckles

Misc. Goods:
   - Nails
   - Locks
   - Hinges
   - Hammer
   - Tongs
   - Farm Implements
   - Lock Box/Safe
   - Jewelry Boxes
   - Fixings

now open!