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Up, Sideways, Down

A great game to play with your OOC account and just get some things off your chest. Below is an example of how this game works.

Symbols to use:

^ is in reference to the person who posted above you, answer the question

< is in reference to yourself, say something on your mind

v is in reference to the person who posts below you, ask a question!


^ [answer to the question asked]

< I hope you guys enjoy this game!

v what was the last thing you ate?

Have fun!

Cordially,THOD Staff

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^ I last ate a baked potato, yummm~

< I want to get into the habit if writing more! I haven't in a while and when I first start something up, it feels like a slog, haha! But then I drink some coffee and it flows.

v What character are you most excited to write for?

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