-Post 1-

The gods hate us
because we killed them
Boots ground into the earth as she walked, panting and annoyed. The heavy riding leathers that she wore felt tight, might be from the fact that she had walked the rest of the way to this ranch instead of riding as she should have. Wiping the sweat off her forehead she stopped walking, blowing a deep breath she gathered her thick hair up. Fingers gathered more of her hair, only for several strands to fall through and drop down her back. Cursing as she fumbled she finally gave up and let her hair fall back down, wiping the sweat off on the front of her cut top she straightened. Whinnies and neighs reached her, the ranch was far below. Easy to see from her vantage point on the hill, her finger wondered to her lips. Teeth chipping away at the nail, this was going to be fun.

"My what a beauty."  she breathed, her breathes coming hard and fast. She had lucked out, a passing stable hand had come down the road headed to the ranch she was walking too. The ride had helped her relax and take in the country, the only reason she was out of breath was for the fact that she had jumped down and ran to the fence. Too excited to see the horses, golden eyes roamed over the gathered beasts. Some grazed while others simply walked around, swatting flies. One, in particular, caught her eye, a beautiful stallion with a half white face and a black eye. Eyes tracked the stallion as he grazed, his great head rose to flick an ear. Brown eyes meeting hers before his skull dropped to graze, the sound of footsteps came towards her. A cough sounded before she turned around to study the owner beside her, a man of muscle and stature stood at her side also staring at the horses gathered before them. 

"What can I do for you girl?" "Are all these horses unbroken?" "Yes, they are, the one you're eying is a vicious beast, why?" Grinning she heaved herself up onto the fence, leaning over the wood as it pushed into her corset's straps she swung her leg over and jumped down. Boots kicked up dirt as the ends of her coat caught the billow of earth. Rising she strode towards the horses, some ran the instant she started walking. Others stood watching her with caution, the stallion she approached raised his head slowly and seemed to challenge her with his stare.