-Post 2-

The gods hate us
because we killed them
"HEY!" She didn't listen to anyone, that just wasn't how she handled herself. Well, she wasn't going to listen to this man. Others had come out, the man's shouting having drowned in the background as she crept towards the horse. The beast stared, ears flicking to catch each sound that trailed towards them. His eyes never leaving the approaching woman, she froze when his head tossed. Squealing he spun to the left and raced off, not wanting to get left behind she ran after the horse. Not caring as her boots struck earth and horse shit, darting out of the way of other horses. Narrowly missing getting kicked by a bucking mare, protecting her foal. Shouts of alarm filtered through the dull roar of her blood in her ears, grinning wider she ran after the stallion. Corraling him towards a corner of the fence, the animal spun around to face her. Ears flat against his skull as he snorted and stamped his hoof, slowing down she spread her arms out. 

Nickering the horse charged, darting to the right she grabbed the mane as he charged past. Pulling and lifting herself onto his back, yet already the horse was bucking. Teeth clicking in her skull, nipping the tip of her tongue as the taste of copper and salt-filled her mouth. Thinning her lips she gripped the horse's mane until she was almost fully seated on his back, and still, the horse bucked and reared. Twisting his head around to try and bite her leg, heels dug into the tender side of the animal. Earning a shriek and then a small window of bliss, the horse galloped forward. Bucking and trying to throw her off, the ground rushed up to her face as she hit the earth. Thrown from the stallions back, grunting she got up and dashed after the horse. Bruises already forming, she ran after the beast already he was skittish and giving her a cautious look. Rearing the horse lashed out, hooves connecting with her shoulder. Grunting from the pain the bloomed she ducked under and jumped onto his back, bucking again the horse began to twist around trying to pull her off, laughing she pulled herself onto its back and held on for dear life. 

Sore muscles and bruises already took root, she was tired and it was beginning to show. So was the horse, foaming saliva dripped on her leather coat. He was walking now, heavy breaths rumbled from his lungs as he stood there. After trying to get her off for almost a half-hour, the horse had tired. The men who were gathered around the fence watched with their mouth open, leaning back she blew a stray strand of hair out of her eyes. Clicking her tongue she gentle tapped her heels into the horse's side, walking towards the fence she watched as the man who had come up to her lifted a halter, something she hadn't noticed until now. Sitting on the horse's skull she dropped off his back and staggered, her fingers skimming over the beasts sweaty side.

"I'd like to buy this one." Rage filled the man's face, opening his mouth to snap. "You want to buy a horse that you jumped on without my permission?" "Yes, how much?" The gathered men watched the arguing back and forth, prices being placed and shot down. Irritation sparked in the woman's golden hues, grabbing the man she jerked him towards her face. Their noses almost smashed together, "500 is my last offer, take it or I'm leaving with this horse. Without your pay taken from my purse." She hissed, after a quiet few seconds the man nodded. Shoving him back she lifted her purse and counted out five hundred gold coins, once that was done she watched her newly bought mount being led to a different part of the ranch. Her work was just now beginning.