The gods hate us
because we killed them
Last time she was in the north had been for her training, now she was different. A fully fledged hunter now, and not the young woman she once was. Cold wind nipped at her ears, scowling she pulled her coat tighter around her frame. Clouds of hot breath slid from her chilled nose, sniffling she blinked. Snow clung to her lashes, she really needed to get out of the cold. Only reason she was hear was to get her daggers, specially crafted blades made by some fae smith who had taken on her work. Sighing she trudged through the snow, the desert warmth of the Sunnarst was where she'd rather be. Astride Veliks with her bow and arrows filling wyrms till they died, yet here she was. Freezing her ass off, in the north. 

"Turn left at the square, go straight... Bloody arse filled liar... Hope ye freeze ye damn balls off ye bloody shit!" She yelled over her shoulder, some townspeople stared at her and gave her a wide berth. Scoffing she kept walking and she finally found the shop, sighing she ducked inside and stomped the snow off. Dragging her hand through her hair she shook off the snow, her eyes had seen the smith hammering but she had gone into the shop to escape the cold. A gasp reached her ears, her golden hues twitched over a young boy stared at her. The boy was of mixed blood, something that was rare to find this far north. You could see the fae heritage in his face and ears, yet that didn't bother Tori one bit. The boy's mother was a master smith, something hard to come by. Especially with the fact that his mother was the smith and not his father, the hunter only knew this because of her work. She had traveled around the north fairly many times, yet only to this town where she had stayed after her training was complete. A small fact that wasn't wildly known, it was where she had told the smith that she would pay for her finest weapon once she was made a hunter. 

And when that had happened she had sent out a request for the smiths' work, and here she was now. After giving the boy her name and why she was here he ducked outside, she swept her eyes around the shop enjoying the little warmth. "Caoimhe, why didn't you come let me know you were here?" Smiling she turned around to face the smith, the woman's black hair was pulled into a tight bun. Signs of work marred her face, brown eyes crinkled into a smile as she hugged the girl. The heat from her forge still rolled off her like the sun off the dunes of Sunnarst, yet that didn't phase her at all. Laughing Victoria stepped back and cupped the fae's cheek, her second name was only known here. The smith had known she would become a hunter simply because of how stubborn and brash she was, she had also been one of the many smiths brought in to measure the new hunters for their custom armors. The fae had loved Victoria's idea for her training gear and actual armor, the gear was done. Her armor, however, was not, two smiths were working on it. So it would be perfect, "Taryn go get the daggers, they are cooled and ready for their scabbards." Nodding the boy went back outside to get the weapons, "You'll like them, girl. Well suited for a hunter who knows how to use smaller blades, how are you and Adrian faring?" 

Tori's smile was gone, pain clearly was written across her face. Turning her head away she stared out past the frosted windows, heart-clenching as it felt like her throat was being squeezed. A tear slipped down her cheek, wiping it away quickly she looked at the smith seeing the way the older female was staring at her with worry. "All I know is that he died two months ago." A sharp intake and the smith nodded, sadness filling her eyes as the subject was dropped and pregnant silence filled the room. The sound of feet on wood had her peeking past, Taryn was back with two daggers. Walking out of the shop with the new weight of her weapons didn't take away the pain, the mention of Adrian wanted her to weep and scream at the gods for taking him away. But she didn't dare, better keep this to herself for now. Heading to the inn she was staying at she nodded to the barkeep and made a beeline for the stairs, taking two at a time she went to her room and took off her coat. Free of the heavy furs she sighed, fixing her armored corset. Walking out she closed the door and went down to the inn's tavern below, already people were coming in to seek the shelter from the cold. With her weapons in plain view, she just looked like a sellsword, she had made it a point to not wear her hunter's armor.