-4 weeks later- (Viraenar's chitter https://youtu.be/ml6Y72G5rKI?t=123 )

The gods hate us
because we killed them
Ever since seeing the young bull she has made frequent trips to the arena to check on him, his wing was healing nicely. He still hasn't woken either, the only signs he was still alive was the steady rise and fall of his ribs. She had never seen a wyvern like this, let alone felt the way she did for this young bull. Her fingers had slid through his mane, marveling at the softness of the fur. Even his four ears were soft, another thing she failed to notice were the eight hoops in his ears. Each one was a different color, mimicking the royal colors of the king. Two in each ear, since his attempted escape the bull had been shackled down even more. The chains attached to the metal collar were keeping his neck and chest close to the ground, the ones around his ankles had been linked together and a final looser band was around his muzzle. Only giving him enough room to slide his tongue through, something she saw when sweetened water was brought in. His tongue was pointed and flexible, yet he had yet to open his eyes.

She had been reprimanded by the captain for jumping into the arena, she was a hunter. They aren't supposed to feel remorse for dragons. Yet why did she feel sorry for this young bull? A bull that she realized was older than her, it was a common lie for trainers to give out the wrong age for dragons. At least that was what she thought since the bull seemed more mature than a yearling should be. Her hand reached for his muzzle, not noticing the change in his breathing or that he was opening his eyes.

-Viraenar- The sharp smell of blood and something sweet, the scent brought him the distant memory of grass. Color and feeling he hasn't felt since his capture, so why was he smelling it here? His eyes opened slowly, the hazy and blurred shape of something sitting near his good eye had him confused. Along with it came the distinct smell of leather and other dragons, trying to piece the scent together his eye widened as he realized it was a hunter that was leaning over him. Panic set in, making his heart begin to beat fast. Jerking his head to the side he could only squeal at the bite of metal, the hunter fell on its bottom obviously shocked. Fighting to free his muzzle so he could defend himself he started thrashing around, clicks and chirps sounding from his throat. He had forgotten how to speak, why should he do so now? Metal groaned as he struggled, the sound of his chains striking the ground grew. The sound of the crueler humans with the painful vines made him panic even more, blood began to flow from his muzzle. The metal cuff around his muzzle cutting into his skin and through his scales, they snapped. Head rising he roared loudly, the sound echoed loudly through the arena. He was so frightened he felt something in his chest, it was warm and growing. 

Viraenar's fear grew, he was thrashing around like crazy, the sound of the door to his cave opened making him even more blind to fear. The faint sounds of shouts and running paws had him bristling, weakly he heard the chains breaking. His tail whipped around, knocking over the humans frantic to make him sleep again. His injured wing burned as he put weight on his front legs, almost falling over from the broken one. Yet he didn't feel how badly it burned, his adrenaline was too high. Warbling his fear he surged forward, galloping forward. His breaths left him in puffs as he ran out of his cell, other dragons heard the sounds and many crept forward to see what was going on. Running up the large cave hall he heard many cries, those who could speak voiced their pleas for freedom. Their words sounding strange to him, the cruel ones with vines squawked to others. Clearly wanting him back, not wanting to go back he ran blindly down the halls. His legs were so weak he kept tripping over himself in his hurry to escape, the distant whistle of wind reached him after he ran from a room that was full of heat. A forge, yet to him, he only knew it as a small volcano. Ears lifting he looked back at the cries that reached him, hobbling towards it he moved faster.

Head lowering he picked up speed, the booms of his knuckles striking the sandy earth as he ran towards the doors. Drowned out with the bang of his horns striking the metal, shocked that the first charge sent him through he tumbled onto his back. Flailing until he was on his belly, the humans ran towards him from the tunnel he had just burst from. Opening his jaws he roared, or he thought he did. Blue flames, albeit weak ones, rushed from his jaws. The blue tendrils licked up the humans' flesh and weak hides, their screams of pain made him flinch. Above him more were gathering, the familiar click of the trees that shot painful branches swung towards him. Hissing he breathed fire on them, only stopping long enough to flap his wings. Jumping into the air he kept flapping, breathing his fire on the humans who threw their sticks at him from their strange branches. For the first time, he wasn't held back by chains, he didn't feel the pain in his wing either. Reaching the top of the arena he could almost fit through, angry he roared and clawed at the rocky roof with his back paws. Stones falling down and crushing humans, twisting he managed to wiggle his way free. Crawling forward he barked and warbled, the cries of humans in shiny skin made him lookup. He was just outside the human alpha's stone nest, not that far from the castle itself. Not wanting to stay any longer he heaved himself up, he was getting tired. Letting out a mix of a chittering cry he ran away from the castle jumping into the air before he weakly and clumsily flew off.
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