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The College of Seona

Within the great walls of Kastali City lies many wonders, from the cathedrals of many colours, draped in their tapestries of the stars and elements, to the open markets and great streets boasting the bounty of a nation. Yet, there is one building that has withstood the test of time, it’s order brought into existence long before any crown or throne was forged by the kings of old. This building we speak of, is the University of Cantrick, and long has it stood a testament to the progression of knowledge from all corners of the known world.

It is a place where knowledge is given freely, regardless of social class or race. The courtyard is oft awry with numerous gatherings, with amphitheatres open to the public, permitting even the commoners access to lessons in reading, writing, and basic numbers. Philosophical debates, plays, and the overseeing of many of the city’s more ‘trivial’ matters are seen to by the scholars. With regards to matters of lineage and succession, all families are registered in their census, with majority of matters regarding inheritance, marriage, and births and deaths passing through their books. If one is not registered, they simply do not exist. 

Here, lies the greatest collection of tombs and scrolls, some safely tucked away behind the restricted halls, where only the most creditable of scholars may access them. Some say there are recordings from the time long before magic, before the first fae, written in a language long lost from known memory. Some believe their are mysteries we do not yet understand, topics of study known as the mystics that are the dominion of the College.

The College of Seona; the founders of the University, are the highest seat of scholarly a individual can hope to accomplish. They commit themselves fully to the search for knowledge, with interests lying in the Arcane; in the secrets of dragons, the mechanisms of magic, and in the unique bond between that of man and dragon. They are the recorders of history, marking down the events of the world, committing to no side so as to ensure the true story is known. They are led by the Chancellor, a mysteries individual few have met, but is believed to be a fae with the rare magic of the mind, and specifically, the shared history of the world. 

Hierarchy & Positions

The Chancellor: The leader of the College of Seona and the ‘Dean’ overseeing the University. This rank I’m thinking can be held by an NPC; more specifically a Genma magiked fae who posses a powerful memory magic that is capable of viewing the ‘memories of the world.’ (NPC)

Masters: Members of the College, they are individuals who have committed themselves fully to understanding the Arcane knowledge of the world and seek to actively unravel its secrets. These individuals do not choose to join the College, but are selectively picked by the Chancellor. They are the recorders of history and take no side with regards to race or situation. (unlimited)

Scholars: Learned individuals of the University; tasked with varying tasks such as research, the caring for of the books, lessons offered both privately and publicly, and the keeping of Drekjhartas’ Census. (unlimited)

Physician: The learned individuals of the University who have committed themselves to the art of healing, through means of herbology, surgery, and in rare instances of the fae, magic. They are highly skilled and often sought out over more freelance doctors, with physicians bearing a University degree holding high positions amongst the noble court. (unlimited)

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8/5/19 Such a quality addition to THOD! I love the implementation of a college, and characters who study the secrets behind dragons and magic. Great job!
If you ever need to change the availability of your lore, edit details, or wish to remove it, please respond to this thread or reach out to a staff member directly!
Thank you for your contribution to THOD!

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