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Created By: Storm
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Lore Type: Group
Availability: Audition

The King's Hunters

The death of the Fae King spurred their formation. Everything soon fell into play. The first to form the Hunters were ten humans, the very ones who had killed the Fae King. They were to be trained to take down the dragons, creatures that humans and fae alike both awed and feared. In their first years, many dragons were killed, but only two Hunters remained. Bothered by this, the Human King told his Captain to begin recruiting, searching for those whose hearts were strong, along with sound minds and bodies. The two rode out, finding children barely off their mother's breasts. For children were the most beloved of them all, this recruitment was met with violence - for why should mothers give away their children? So the Hunters turned to the unwanted and orphaned, or those their mothers handed over because they were too poor to raise them. 

Taught how to read and write before they were trained how to track and walk with stealth, their numbers began to rise again. Many were unaware of the Hunters' part in the death of the Fae King and the ascension of the Human King. Those that did met them with fear and hatred. Worry gripped them, for who knew if the Human King would turn his Hunters on them? The ones who aren't aware of the Hunters' past practically worship the ground they walk on, for they were the ones who made their lives easier.

To help set them apart, the Hunters made their own sigil. They wore black and brown leather armor with hoods of dark brown and accents of gold around the edges. The sigil was set on a black backdrop with a double ring of gold and brown. A dragon's tooth was placed in the middle, the symbol of their order. Teeth of their kills are woven into the tops of their bracers. Each tooth has a rune engraved of the region and breed that was killed.

They are trained in all arts from assassinations to hunting, tracking, rangers, and warriors. No job is too hard or lowly for the Hunters, they even have their own personal smith and cook. All races are eligible for recruitment, the most common race is the humans with only a few fae being placed. Kastali-born humans are the most frequently seen among the barracks.

Hierarchy & Positions

Captain: The leader of the Hunters, reports to the King and decides which of the members are tasked to certain hunts. Oversees recruitment and training as well as lodging and other necessities needed for new members. 
  • Neotair Feirkak
  • 45 years old
  • Male 
  • Human 
  • Open for audition
Justicar: The Captain's second in command, has earned the respect of the King and Captain. A seasoned warrior who takes no nonsense and follows orders dutifully. If the Captain is in a meeting with the King, the Justicar will step in. Should the Captain die or retire they become the next Captain.
  • Naemora Indari
  • 156 years old
  • Female
  • Taken
Senior hunters: Those who have been apart of the group for a few years, eight at most. Train the younger generation, if a dragon is spotted they take a certain amount of young Hunters with and depart. Due to how many newly made Hunters have died it is a great honor to make it to senior rank, the ones who reach this position are given a shield and their own room in the barracks.
  • 8/8 open
Hunters: Recruits who have passed their tests to become Hunters, must have a senior hunter with them if they are to go on dragon hunts. Sometimes are tasked with killing creatures other than dragons, along with humans or fae who don't sit right with the King, although these tasks are rare.
  • Unlimited open
Apprentice: Newly recruited children, always taught how to read and write before they are given harder tasks. The youngest are three years old. 
  • Unlimited open
Candidates: Children who don't make the cut as Apprentices are placed in this group, they are tasked with the end jobs and are seen as squires at best. Should they prove themselves to the senior Hunters a favor will be placed before the Justicar and Captain to reconsider their position.
  • Unlimited open

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8/8/19 Great job expanding on our official site lore! We really appreciate the effort, and can't wait to see how others will use it.
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