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Desert Raiders

The Great Road had been peaceful once. As the main trade route through Drekhjarta, it had many travelers and merchants alike. It started out small, with some indiscernible thefts along the Road. Goods would go missing, personal objects vanishing from those who dared to camp on the Road at night. It grew slowly into larger items being stolen, carts being destroyed. Guards were hired for the merchants who feared for their valuables and money, yet that didn't deter the thieves - they only grew more brazen. It reached a boiling point when a merchant was killed on the Road, his travel cart and all of his wares missing by the time the body was found. News spread of the death and speculation and nerves ran rampant through Sunnarst's many villages and towns. Fearing for their safety, merchants and travelers began to avoid the Great Road, using forgotten paths that took longer to reach their destinations. 

They thought they were safe, yet wherever they went the Raiders followed. What finally set it off was when a group of the King's Hunters were moving a wyvern through the Road. Since these dragons frequented Eyland, it was a rare sight for one to be in Sunnarst, and the Raiders wanted it. They took it, but not before injuring the Hunters horribly enough that they couldn't fight back. The wyvern vanished, along with the Raiders. And for eight years the Road was quiet, the Raiders slowly being forgotten.

A wyvern's shadow was seen the night they started up again. Like the dragon that had gone missing, the Raiders were alive and well. They attacked in large numbers for two days and nights. The cities became desperate, with shops closing and families left hungry wondering why the Roads had closed and travel made so difficult. The Great Road has since been claimed by countless raids and has seen many deaths. The sands are forever stained in blood.

The location of the Raider's main hideout is unknown, but many speculate that it lies somewhere in the vast wealth of the Alderlok. The wyvern and its rider only appear during massive raids, where heavy fire power and aide is needed. Most of the raids have been carried out in groups of four and are always headed by war-painted men. They rarely leave a trace of their movements or whereabouts. The few times survivors have seen them, they can only speak of their garb. Clothes for the desert heat, loose and covering their face and bodies entirely. Painted with the sigil of a wyvern spreading its wings, the four leaders always have theirs painted blue while the raiders are in red. Since the leader and his wyvern are rarely seen, their appearances are hard to piece together, even scales are hard to find.

(Actual location of the Raiders: Broken up into three sections, the desert where the Padfoots are kept to train and watch. They are very nomadic and wander around the desert making it hard for people to pinpoint their exact locations, but they always circle back around. When merchants and travelers dare to cross their paths hawks or eagles are always sent to the Chieftains. when messages for the Prime are needed the Chieftains send a falcon with a black seal. 

The Chieftans reside in the Sild Woodland, acting as a line of defense for the Prime and Alpha, when news of new Padfoots reach them one of the four is dispatched to the desert to train them. A special area is designated for trainings, once completed the location of the rest of the raiders is given to the new Padfoot. Chieftains are forbidden to give their own location to the Padfoots, the only one who knows are the Falconers and the Primes. The Falconers have their tongues removed to keep silent.

The Prime and Alpha reside in the Galinn Canyon. The few times the Chieftains are brought to the canyon is to plan for large raids. The Prime keeps a harem of women who were once Padfoots and have shown special interest in them, they are bound to secrecy and are forbidden to leave the canyon. When the Prime is needed for large raids, Padfoots send falcons month in advance. It takes four weeks to reach the Woodland and then two more to reach the Desert. The dragon leaves two days after he does, their bond helping it track the sal down.)

A massive bounty has been placed on the Prime and his four Chieftains, the wyvern would be hunted down by the King's Hunters. It is the one task they continue to fail at.

Hierarchy & Positions

Prime: Leader of the Raiders, the only known Sal in the group bonded with the wyvern from eight years ago. A man who specializes in stealth and long distance combat, a brialiant strategist and tactician. Wanted for raides on the Great road among theft and murder, has earned great respect from his fellow raiders and is the one they go to when things are difficult. (1/1)

Alpha: Title given to the Prime's wyvern, the creature is scarred and only answers to the Prime. Has a massive temper when others try to touch it, has a specially crafted saddle for the prime to use. Being a wyvern in Sunnarst this one is rather small and agile, making him perfect for raids (NPC to be played with the Prime)

Chieftans: Four men from the surrounding nomadic people of Sunnarst, highly skilled thieves and bandits who have earned places among the raider. (4/4)

Falconers: The messangers of the raiders, they tame and breed falcons, hawks and eagles. They take part in the raids but are always called on to send out messages. (3/3)

Padfoots: Raiders new and seasoned, young men and women who have shunned their lives to be a part of this brazen group of thieves and cuthroats who prey on the travelers who dare to tred the great road. (unlimited)

Harem: Just as the name says this is a group of women who are in the care of the Prime, they are all of age and are sworn to secrecy regarding the location of the Prime and his Alpha. Trained to be Padfoots, they have risen to this rank because they caught the Prime's eye in one way or another, and will give him children for when he needs to step down. (5/5)

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8/5/19 Oh, I don't want to get near these Raiders! The Prime seems like an especially evil person. Great job developing a group for those of us who want more nefarious characters!
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