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Somnus Vilsidr, Kastalian Dragon-Born Second Prince

GenderMale (He/Him/His)
TimezoneEastern America UTC -3

Name: Somnus Silmarian Vilsidr
Species: Human
Home Region: Kastali City

Items: None as of now, will be making him a Tvisal in the future
Notes: Only took forever. Labor of love/hate

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TimezoneEverywhere UTC 0

full inventory∀992,700


7/3/19 The forgotten second heir! I adore how he's an amalgamation of multiple region's cultures, and that he's tainted by the Scaling. I really, really want to have one of my characters peel his layers apart to find that humorous intellectual beneath! The care you took to weave THOD's history into his own is obvious and so appreciated. You've created an amazingly compelling character. <3
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