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Created By: Vae & Oryx
Contact: Discord
Lore Type: Group
Availability: Audition (See 'how to join' below)


The conflict between humans, fae, and dragons has been endless since time began, but there are those who dare to imagine an end to the enmity among these species.

The Nighthawk Syndicate is an underground organization created roughly six months after the end of the Fifty Year War by Prudenzia Delaqua, a human, and Astramalia Dunestrider, a fae, that seeks to unite humans and fae behind the common goal of freeing captive dragons and punishing those who would bring them harm. They work in direct contrast to the decrees of the human King, and thus, operate under cover of night and in shadow.

All operatives take on code names of birds in lieu of their actual names and wear cloaks, hoods, and fabric over their mouths to mask their civilian identities during missions.

Core Beliefs

1. All sentient beings are deserving of life, freedom, and autonomy.
2. Do harm only to those who would harm others; strike only in defense of yourself or someone else.
3. Preserve the secrecy and identity of the group. Do not speak our names in the presence of non-members.
4. Our loyalty to one another and to our cause is our greatest strength.
5. Take initiative, but act with cunning and integrity.

Glossary of Terms:
  • ‘Earning your feathers/wings’ — becoming a full-fledged member, obtaining your second brand.
  • Brand — the waxing and waning crescent moon brands that members get on their left (waxing) and right (waning) shoulder blades that serve as symbols of the phases of the moon as well as a nod to dragon wings
  • Fledgling - new members who haven’t received their second brand
  • ‘(Still have their/your) down feathers’ - refers to new members 
  • ‘Losing your down’ — becoming a full member 
  • Flight — a mission/task assigned by the Crown or some one of the Crest
  • Home range — location in Hlodyn Hills where the Syndicate formally meet every full moon; the directions are never uttered to keep the hideout secret. Fledglings are taken there blind-folded until they earn their wings.
  • ‘Molt’ / ‘to molt’ / ‘molting’ — a command or warning given to tell a member to blend back into daily life, to drop all group pretenses and conserve the secrecy of the Nighthawks at all cost.
  • Quartering — scoping out a location, usually circling the perimeter before a flight for recon.
  • Swan song — a call for aid from a member in trouble; a whistle that starts low and swells into a higher note.
  • Whistles — whistles which are means of communication taught to all to be used between members before, during, and after a flight. There’s one for all-clear, one for danger, one to vacate, one for success, and one for failure. 
  • Underwing* — new member shadowing a seasoned one
  • Upperwing* — seasoned member assigned an underwing to guide
* Underwing/upperwing pairs are almost exclusively human/fae to foster good working relationships between the races early on.

Hierarchy & Positions

The Crown — the elected leader of the Nighthawks, voted to the position from the Crest by the group as a whole. They make all final major decisions/calls and have full veto rights unless the Crest votes 5 to 1 against them. If a Crown gets voted out, they automatically return to the Crest council. (1 - taken)

The Crest — a council of seasoned members, capable of assigning flights and overseeing the training of initiates. They report directly to the Crown. (6 - 1 spot taken)

The Brood — general members of the group, can be seasoned or new. They report to the Crest first and the Crown only in the absence of a Crest councilperson. (Unlimited)

How to become a member:

1. Ask Vae or Oryx if you wish to have a character who is an existing member.


1. Ask “Have you seen the nightingale recently?” around to barkeeps or tavern staff, and nothing else.  If they say ‘yes,’ you have found a friend of the Syndicate; answer ‘I hope to see them soon’ before bowing out of the conversation.  If they say ‘no,’ thank them for their time, and take your leave to search elsewhere.

2. After you have successfully been told ‘yes,’ a member of the Crest or the Crown will be in contact with you.  The initiation process starts that night with you making a verbal pledge to live by the first core value.  You will then be assigned your Upperwing.

3. Your first thread with your upperwing will be where you are asked, “What is your name?” You will answer them with the pseudonym you are taking at this time.  The Upperwing will then relay your choice to the rest of the group.  You will receive your first brand once you have successfully completed one thread with your upperwing.

4. Your second brand will be received after you have completed a mission to rescue a dragon, been shown to have taken initiative within the group, and that you act with honor regarding core beliefs two through four.  Upperwings make the recommendation to the Crest and Crown when they believe their underwings are ready to earn their feathers.

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8/12/19 This is an absolutely amazing addition to THOD and Drekhjarta's current political climate! The Syndicate will add so much depth to our characters, almost like an onion being peeled back! Great job!
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Thank you for your contribution to THOD!

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