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The Crone's Curse

Perhaps it was to extend your time among loved ones. Perhaps it was for greed, a desire to cling to the wealth and power you’ve acquired. Perhaps it was simply to spit in the face of Death itself. Regardless of the reason, your decision to deny Death its due is a cursed one.

While the Crone possesses the ability to reverse one’s age, this magic comes with a cost. Those who have been afflicted by the Crone’s Curse have been given many names over the centuries, but the most recognizable is the Ageless Ones. Turning back the clock weakens body, mind, and spirit, yet the desire to extend one’s lifespan morphs into an addiction, an irresistible pull to return to the Crone again and again.

The consequences of the Crone's Curse are as follows:
  • Body Ages Faster ;; Each time you visit the Crone, the age at which your body becomes elderly decreases by a set amount, determined by your species.
    • Humans ;; Lifespan decreases by 5 years each time. Maximum possible age is approximately 400 years.
    • Fae ;; Lifespan decreases by 25 years each time. Maximum possible age is approximately 900 years.
    • Dragons ;; Lifespan decreases by 100 years each time. Maximum possible age is approximately 3000 years.
  • The Crone is able to return you to your young body; it simply doesn't stay that way as long as it used to. Additionally, reversing your age does not heal any scars, diseases, or related conditions that affect your health. Injury and illness will still result in death for those who do not see out the Crone's Curse to its grim conclusion.

  • Mind Grows Unstable ;; The mental side effects of a magically extended lifetime are prominent and only grow stronger with time. Hallucinations of distant memories infiltrate your senses. Memories of recent events quickly become clouded and confused. The difference between past and present grows murky. Often an intense weariness with life takes hold, driving the Ageless Ones to strange, unpredictable acts, if only to disrupt their agonizing boredom.

  • Spirit Becomes Corrupted ;; Returning to the Crone becomes an addiction. The Ageless Ones are always drawn there when their bodies begin to fail again. Upon discovering that the Crone's magic provided more than they bargained for, those who fall victim to the Curse report being unable to end their lives intentionally. An intense, irrational fear of death takes hold of them, preventing the possibility of any self-harming actions. Once you start trying to outrun Death, they say, it becomes nigh impossible to stop.

Eventually, when you are compelled to seek out the Crone one final time, the magic to reverse your age will last only a moment, no longer able to sustain you as your body's lifespan counts down to zero. Rumor says your body ages in that moment as if you'd been alive for however long you'd been walking the realms of Drekhjarta. Only the Ageless Ones can decide whether their stolen time is worth the price they must ultimately pay.

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