A day without sunshine is,
you know, night.

The damned man had done it. He had seriously done it and Cesare hadn't even had to force him or do any sorts of threats to make the other side of the deal go through. And now there she was, his beautiful ship laying gently on the water a short distance from the shore. It almost brought a tear to his eye, if he even was capable of making tears, which he doubted. Had never cried before so he wouldn't do it now. 

But back to the ship. Ahh, it was so beautiful. Dark wood and pitch black sails with the white badger proudly in it's midst. It was like a dream to look at, even though no one would be able to pick it out from a fleet and point out how truly special she was. He would have stood there for hours to admire her, if a white dressed woman had not come in the way and obscured his view. A second later a hand fell heavy on his shoulder and he turned slightly.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Sorle asked with a content smile as he got Cesare's attention. He himself only nodded at first, then a smile cracked over his lips too. "She's breathtaking." "That means a lot to me, to hear you talk so fondly of my daughter."

And Cesare's smile was gone. Of course. "Oh yeah.. She's.." He had to squint a little to see Eysa better as she now was walking towards them. "..something else that one." Dammit. He really had to go through with this, wasn't he? Not that he had expected to sneak away or anything, but maybe the old man had forgotten or changed his mind or died? One could only hope. Maybe he would have a heart attack right now so he didn't have to marry her after all?

After a few seconds of waiting patiently to let nature take it course, he slowly realized that there was no way out of this. When Eysa caught up with them, she lovingly took his hand in hers and kissed it, then Sorle clapped. "Let's get you married!"

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"Are you as surprised as I am that I'm the only one here behaving myself?"