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Prudenzia Delaqua, Kastalian Socialite

NamePrudenzia Kasmeer Delaqua
GenderCis woman (she/her/hers)
TimezoneCincinnati, OH UTC -4

in the valley of the exodus
in the belly of a bowl of dust
For once, she isn't here for work.  There is, in fact, no tangible reason that she should be here at all, actually; even so, here she stands.  She's wearing dark purple trousers beneath her dress, which - truthfully - serves more as an overcoat.  A cloak with a hood rests snugly around her shoulders with the hood presently down so that she can have an unobstructed view of the meadow itself.  It's beautiful. She hasn't been able to venture out of Kastali for some time for anything other than business.  It's a shame, because there's a definite calm that the fields bring. If only for a short time, she's gifted an otherworldly clarity that allows her to shed her anxiety to pool at her feet, along with the cloak which she now unclasps.  Pru folds this rather neatly, however, choosing to set it aside with her pack which is perched on a small boulder.

She breathes in, the fresh air filling her lungs.  Vestri is a gorgeous place, a direct neighbor to her home of Sunnarst.  Growing up, she had often visited with her parents when they allowed her the opportunity.  There's such a stark difference between the landscapes.  Where Sunnarst is hot and dry, the humidity and verdure of Vestri sets it apart.  She had always loved them both.  Sunnarst is gorgeous and will forever be home, yet Vestri holds a special place in her heart for its unique, natural beauty.  Pru steps forward, mindful of her perimeter while also keeping her belongings in her peripheral, and lets her fingertips brush the tops of greenery and flowers alike.  A smile overcomes her features, invoking a warmth in the apples of her cheeks.

There is a certain flower that catches her eye -- one that seems new, or - at least - unfamiliar.  Her fingers gingerly caress it, examining the petals and the structure of the plant itself.  She seems to be deep in thought, trying to ascertain the name or nature of this particular blossom.  Perhaps she can ask Ahlwyr if he can craft this in her garden. (A silly suggestion, this implication of doubt, as she knows full well that Ahlwyr is capable of magics far beyond her comprehension.) She gently withdraws her hand, fighting against the urge to pluck the flower from its roots.  It's divine and lovely, and that is why it deserves to remain here.  If she takes it with her, it will die.  So, instead, she commits it to memory:  color, petal appearance, and design.  Once she is sure that she has it in mind, she continues on, simply enjoying a walk in the grass, admiring the flora.


Zhavvorsi Snowkissed, Guest

Timezone UTC

How she’d found herself so far south was beyond her, she had simply started walking and hadn’t stopped. The expanse of beauty that spread before her was ethereal and otherworldly. Vestri, that was where she was, she’d visited her with her mother and sister as a small child. The flowers splattered prettily across the green canvas that reached beyond the horizon, the meadow vast and peaceful.

Zhavv huffed as her sapphire eyes moved lazily over everything before her and her bare feet dug easily into the soft earth as she walked on. The dirt clung to her toes and the scent of earth wafted up to her and the grass tickled her pale ankles beneath her white gown. Behind her, frosted foot steps could be found as she carried that eternal icy chill with her. Perhaps she wasn’t built for such a place, but her heart longed for the family she’d lost and it continued to lead her around the continent in search of what could be left of it.

The fae woman was quickly thrown from her own thoughts as her eyes settled upon a stranger not too far ahead. Zhavvorsi tilted her head, her hair fell to one side and her necklace tinkled at the movement. It was almost a predatory analysis of the creature before her but a smile appeared on her pink lips as her white lashes fluttered. A deep dread settled in her chest as she moved slowly closer to the woman.

The other woman had beautiful chocolate skin with ebony hair that coiled beautifully down her back. The winter lady moved, her skin growing colder at the magic, the air around her seeming to become as frozen as the blood in her veins. She watched closely as the other woman, in her fineries of amethyst stared down at a blossom.
“Do you always stared at the flora so intensely?” the woman’s voice poured easily from her as she stopped several feet away, her voice laced in that always present coldness. The iciness around her skin grew fiercer as her white hair moved with a warm breeze. However, the cold around her seemed to stifle the meadow’s warmth as her attention remained fixed upon the other woman.

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