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The woman’s pale feet crunched in the snow, her toes painted with an icy blue. The cold didn’t soak into her bones as it would anyone else and a stoic expression remained upon her face. The night was quiet around her, her lips pressed in a thin line as her eyes lifted to the sky. She stood here, everynight and waited for the lights to dance in the heavens. The borealis reminded her, they reminded her of what she’d loved and lost and that perhaps their souls now waltzed around up there. Tears sparkled in her eyes at the thought and she sighed heavily as the sky came alive above her.

Zhavvorsi’s eyes were fixed on the colors and she hummed a soft melody, a song her mother would sing before bed. The tears that streamed down her cheeks were very real as they froze to her chilly skin and thoughts of her sister filled her mind. Perhaps she’d find her, maybe she was still alive… she could dream. 

Finally, Zhavvorsi pushed these thoughts from her mind and hid them deep within her heart as ice quickly filled that hole.

She lowered her eyes and looked out to the calm sea that lazily stirred as a giant sleeping beast would. What would she do now? Where could she go? Maybe she’d continue to wander through the cold, her heart frozen and her mind sharp. She had nowhere to go… they’d know and they’d find out who she was. Her blood grew colder at the thought and she quickly raised a hand and made sure her pointed ears were covered with her thick hair. No one could ever know, they couldn’t know who she was and what kind of blood ran through her veins because as far as she was concerned Zhavvorsi Runecrest had died when her family had been slaughtered. She was Zhavvorsi Snowkissed now and no would would ever know any different and she huffed at the thought.

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I've been waiting for this moment
the final battle of the chosen
The evening was cold, his breath exhaled with visible vapor as he fastened the thick cloak about his shoulders so that it rested more securely around his shoulders. While his blood assisted in keeping him warm against the brutal northern chill, Lath’laeril never ventured this far north without a thick set of clothes and a cloak at his disposal. Darker than the typical garb that he wore, the simple yet heavy clothing did wonders in protecting him against the brutal elements surrounding Norderhalt.

Even though he preferred the warmer climates to the south, there was something oddly beautiful and satisfying about this place. Perhaps it was the scenery; crisp and cut, accented with the powdery white of snow and thick plumage of green winter trees, the scent of fresh ice and clean air on the breeze. In all of his years crossing the continent nothing quite came so close as to breathtaking as the aurora borealis that swirled through the air, a tapestry of colors woven together by the dragons of yore. 

Unbidden, he grinned, an almost satisfied, predatorial expression against the tan of his skin. No. None of those were the true reason that he found himself captivated and intrigued by this place nor the sentimental value he felt whenever he came here, a deep, profound yearning in his chest almost causing him to turn tail every time and venture back to the arms of his beloved.

The dancing colors reminded him of Lir’oron and their first meeting beneath these very lights. The memory would forever be one of fondness and adoration and one he would carry with him to his death, a little secret moment shared between just the two of them, a balm against the terrible tragedy of loss that continued to shred and incinerate his insides. Letting his eyes shut, orbs of gold melted in pools of bloody crimson hidden away from the twisting lights overhead of blues and greens, Lath felt himself relax. All was quiet and peaceful and he was safe, Lir was safe, and…

A melody reached his ears, a soft hum against the silence around him. Golden eyes cracked open, peering further along the way, curious. At first he didn’t place the gentle song, the tone of it foreign, but almost as though struck Lath realized that he did recognize it. A melody from his youth, and while it hadn’t been sung to him he was familiar enough with the tune for it to pull at his heartstrings with the terrible, awful ache that still hadn’t healed.

Like a moth to a flame he was inexplicably drawn towards the sound, his boots crunching in the snow with every step that he took. His eyes scanned the horizon, spotting a pale figure standing amidst the snowy landscape like a haunting ghost from his past.

Honestly, he had no idea how to feel upon seeing her. The long waves of ivory hair was a strangely common trait across the continent but Lath knew her like a long lost friend, knew her pale skin, icy blue eyes, and the pointed ears she valiantly tried to hide beneath the waves of her hair. Zhavvorsi. Zhav. His cousin, a soul he had assumed lost with everyone else in his family, another corpse staining the halls of the palace in Kastali.

There was relief and disbelief that warred for dominance within his chest, ecstatic that a member of his family no matter how distant had survived the slaughter. In the end, however, a steady numbness took over, the careful mantle of neutrality that he so often carried to shield him against the cruelty of the world. Unbidden Lath’laeril inhaled sharply, the cold air catching in his throat, but he did not continue in his approach. Instead he spoke, letting his voice carry over the darkness and lifted a hand to pull down the hood that kept his facial features obscured from view, revealing tan skin and a shock of fire and gold hair.

“Hello, cousin.”

Was it fate that he found Zhav here? Or something more?

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Zhavvorsi Snowkissed, Guest

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Her eyes remained pinned to the sky as her bones ached from the lack of movement. It seemed as though it had been an age since she’d found herself here, standing and watching. The chill settled around her, her very blood becoming thick with it as frost appeared on her cheeks. This was her home, her instincts stemmed from this ruthless and unforgiving place. A warmer breeze tried to tousle her long ivory locks but she willed the cold to envelop her and it snuffed out that bit of heat. Nothing would touch her, the iciness which held her so close, it was her protector, her friend. 

This is all she’d known since her family had been murdered and she’d moved very little. Often, it seemed like days before she’d move her muscles, the very sinews of them creaking. Her anger became a cloud of sub zero frost, her very core frozen solid. And it seemed that she might never feel anything again when she was disturbed. 
The cold swept away from her as she felt something… odd. It was heat, body heat and it was only moments before a vaguely familiar voice pierced the calm. 

It seemed like slow motion and Zhavv spun, her long hair flipped over her shoulder as her sapphire eyes landed on the man. A gasp escaped her as the ice within her chest shattered in a split second. Her cousin, her dear fire headed cousin who she’d played with as a child. 
“Lath,” she whispered, her voice hoarse with emotion.
“How? How are you alive,” she choked out as frigid tears glinted in her eyes. 
She hadn’t felt this in years as she rushed to him, her arms reached out to wrap around his neck in an embrace. Zhavvorsi didn’t care if it offended him or if he didn’t want to touch her, this was her family, her past. For all she knew, this could be the last piece of her past life.
“My dear cousin, I am so glad to see you,” she whispered as the snowkissed woman allowed feelings to freely escape her for the first time in years.

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