Grand Reopening!

Hello, everyone! Happy 2020, and welcome to the grand reopening of THOD!

As part of the reopening, we have quite a few things going on at once.
  • First and foremost, the Lore Contest have been extended to the 15th of February.
  • Although we’re a bit late with them, Warden Auditions are up and open. If you’re interested in trying a character out as Warden for one of the regions, please :
  • Look over our eyland | norderhalt | austanferd
  • We’ve made some minor adjustments to the guidebook, specifically in the species and classes sections (specifically pertaining to passive/active magic…none of this is new information, but it has been clarified), and we’ve added in the quest for a dragon character. In the next few weeks, we’ll be polling about some potential adjustments & clarifications, because we want more member feedback before we make any potentially large alterations.
  • And, perhaps biggest of all…
  • Our first major event is, for the most part, completely written, and the first part has been posted HERE. Participating in the event will net you auds and a chance at several unique & rare items, as well as an opportunity to involve yourself in the developing history & story of THOD!
  • Although I tried to make the event as dragon-friendly as I can, it’s occurred to me that at least some events will not work as well for one race as they will another…I’ve attempted to make it possible for dragons to participate, though they’ll need a human or fae with them to do so during certain parts of the quest, NPC or otherwise. In the future, we’ll probably have some dragon-specific and some human & fae specific events. While one of the major unique items that can be gained during this quest is human/fae specific, there is another that dragons can get at the end, too.

We also have a bit of a roadmap for some things to anticipate going forward :
  • At the end of the first event, expect an event calendar. We’re planning to have a pretty substantial catalog of major/minor events for you all to participate in, and having a schedule will help immensely with preparation and consistency. Some events will be single threads, and some will be considerably larger. Almost all of them, however, will in some way contribute to a larger storyline.
  •  Related to this, we’re developing some simplistic systems for events. One hopefully-exciting one is a dungeon system! More on this will also be announced when the first event is complete.
  • This has already technically been mentioned, but we’ll be creating a poll or two about modifications/clarifications that we’re considering for the guidebook.
  • Festivals!
  • In a few days, we'll have an activity contest up; it was a last-minute thought, and we haven't had time to think it through just yet.

Thank you to everyone who stuck with us through our extended absence, and welcome to everyone who joins us in the future. We’re very excited for what we have planned, and we hope that you enjoy it as well <3
Cordially,THOD Staff