Character Application Form

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Once you've completed your character's profile and believe you're ready to start writing with them, the next step is to have your character's profile reviewed and approved!

Create a new thread in this board using the code below, and ensure your thread is marked with the Queued prefix. Your thread title should be in the following format: FIRST LAST, Species, Region. A few examples are below:

ROATIRA HEART, Fae, Kastali City
TOVA, Dragon, Norderhalt
RHEN VASTYRA, Human, Outlander

Staff will review your profile as promptly as possible. If any changes are needed, we will respond to your thread and reach out to you directly. As you wait for approval, you can always browse the OOC boards, start plotting with other players, create your own tracker, etc.

If staff does not get to your profile within three days (or one week if it includes a holiday), we will give you 250 audsalir for your patience.

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<b>Name:</b> Full name (first, middle, nickname, last)
<b>Species:</b> Human, Fae, or Dragon
<b>Home Region:</b> The region you consider home (regardless of travel); if more than one or none at all, your character is an Outlander

<b>Items:</b> If any items are being used/claimed at the time of creating the character, list them here (and which profiles they're attached to, if not this one)
<b>Notes:</b> Anything else you'd like staff to be aware of when reviewing


Cordially,THOD Staff