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Grand Opening: Advertising Contest

THOD is officially opening, and we need your help to get our name out there! Use the ads found in our Advertisements forum (make sure you use the correct code based on the type of site you're posting on).

This contest will run through Saturday, February 15th!

Each ad posted will receive 1 aud; for every 50 ads posted, you will receive an additional 100 auds. You will also receive 10 aud for making a DeviantArt status or poll, 25 aud for making a DeviantArt journal, and 25 aud for posting a status on Twitter. The top three members who post the most advertisements will receive a free rare class/species (instead of the monetary reward) for any current or future character! Rewards will be distributed at the beginning of September. Simply respond to this thread with the following form filled out; continue editing your post as you advertise on different sites, and make sure you do not post on a site that someone else already advertised on.

<li><a href="LINK TO AD">Site Title</a></li>
<li><a href="LINK TO AD">Site Title</a></li>
<li><a href="LINK TO AD">Site Title</a></li>
<li><a href="LINK TO AD">Site Title</a></li>
<li><a href="LINK TO AD">Site Title</a></li>
(continue copying/pasting these for all advertisements)

DeviantArt Journal: <a href="LINK">Click</a>
DeviantArt Status/Poll: <a href="LINK">Click</a>
Twitter Status: <a href="LINK">Click</a>
Cordially,THOD Staff

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Gull, Administrator

The sea-gull's cry rings in my ears,
As o'er the foam he flies,
And memory sets her signal lights
Along the darkened skies.

TimezoneMinnesota, USA UTC -5

  1. Aiepathy
  2. Anthology
  3. Eleutheria
  4. Felth
  5. Igne Natura
  6. Moorland Manor
  7. Royals and Rebels
  8. Saints Sleep
  9. The Dark and Hollow Places
  10. The First Pass

DeviantArt Journal: Click
DeviantArt Status/Poll: N/A
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Rare, Player Account

TimezoneNS, Canada UTC -3

  1. Lions of Valoria
  2. Origin
  3. Caeleste
  4. Novus
  5. Wolves of Avalon
  6. Rise of the Believers
  7. Ascendant
  8. The Pack Roleplay
  9. Ascension of Darkness
  10. Shadowsky

  11. Kink
  12. Sunder
  13. Truepath
  14. Moondrop
  15. Bleach souls v2
  16. Digimonforumrpg
  17. What Lies Between
  18. Hexed
  19. Press Start
  20. Abbadon City

  21. The Power of 2
  22. Kids in America
  23. Dragonball Universe
  24. Naruto Gaiden RP
  25. Fight for Justice
  26. Feles
  27. Sengoku Horizon
  28. Fugue State
  29. Odyssey
  30. Heroes Reborn

  31. Abstract Reality
  32. Those Blurred Lines
  33. Mortals Monsters
  34. Vene
  35. This is the Night
  36. Rise man Rise
  37. A Mans Worth
  38. Welcome to Riverdale
  39. Onyx Treaty
  40. Realm of the Seven

  41. Angelics and Demonics
  42. Shinka Rpg
  43. Tear out my Tongue
  44. Stellara
  45. Starlight Academy
  46. Xalohomorax
  47. Howls in the Wood
  48. fmrp
  49. Dotai v2
  50. Flaming Hearts

  51. Lore
  52. Solanacaea
  53. Solari
  54. Folklore
  55. Ourania
  56. Seito
  57. Once a Nightmight
  58. Black Clover rp
  59. Xenedria
  60. Words Finest

  61. Scions of Terre d'ange
  62. KHMM
  63. To bitter Endings
  64. Kotar
  65. Taptalk
  66. Exalted Kingdoms
  67. Blood & Wine
  68. More than Stories
  69. Love Hina Generation
  70. Delphiacity

  71. JACFC
  72. Lockland Grove
  73. Healing Hears Ranch
  74. WOY
  75. Little Light
  76. Pokemon Pledge
  77. Ignite your Bones
  78. Bombarda Maxima
  79. A memory Away
  80. Fragile Futures

  81. GOTA
  82. Etiterum
  83. Against the Odds
  84. The Rift
  85. Fidelius Rp
  86. Willow Wood Rp
  87. Tempest Harbour
  88. Never Cry Mercy
  89. Heroes like Us
  90. Saving Tomorrow

  91. Shula
  92. Zutter
  93. Strum and Drang
  94. Whatever it Takes
  95. COLU
  96. Lakelani Rose
  97. Atheos
  98. Electric Feel
  99. Sweet dreams
  100. ATS

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DeviantArt Status/Poll: Click
Twitter Status: Click

That'll be 360 auds pls xp

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rallidae, Player Account

TimezoneWest Coast, USA UTC -7

  1. sonder
  2. modern gods
  3. the cursed era
  4. megalomania
  5. by tooth and claw
  6. mirage
  7. HAU RPG
  8. sea of stars
  9. altheos
  10. written in the stars

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