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Althealansi Yver, Outlander Wanderer

NameAlthealansi Yver
GenderFemale (she/her/hers)
TimezoneEastern U.S. UTC -4

Name: Althealansi "Althea" Yver
Species: Fae
Home Region: Outlander

Items: Geyma fae (free staff item)
Notes: the one, the only, the absolute fool of a girl greets her public. 

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TimezoneEverywhere UTC 0

full inventory∀992,700


7/31/19 I am absolutely in awe with the depth of your descriptions! It's going to be so fun to see what Althea brings to THOD. I appreciate all the little details you used to incorporate her into our world; how her wings mark her as tainted, how her magic has been diluted with each generation, even how difficult it is for fae to have children. And the manifestation of her magic is such a beautiful story! I truly can't read enough about her. Amazing job, Jeanne!
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