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The Scaling (Dragon-Born)

There is no first recording of its manifestations, no great calamity that brought its boon upon the attentions of scholars. It had been a plague to mankind for as long as they could remember, a cruel omen to any child born into this world. Mother's would pray as their bellies swelled, leaving offerings before the altars of the Elementals, carving constellations of protection into talismans tethered to their belts and corsets. Across the ages, the view of those who bore the Scaling changed, shifting from one predominate belief to the next, often time tied to the bonds amongst the races. There has never been a recorded incident amongst the fae, leaving it a purely human affliction.

In the past, most children who presented with its features were immediately put to death, viewed as dragons themselves, an unnatural spawn of some curse laid upon them by the Dragons. Those who's bloodline bore a scaled child were viewed as tainted, often ostracized amongst their villages and social circles. Some, with a deeper fear and hatred for the dragons believed the Scaled to be profane offspring of a Human and Dragon. Rumors were prolific in the old ages, whispering of these creatures who fed upon human flesh and cursed lands with barrenness; crops would not grow, livestock would perish, and wells would run dry. 

This, of course, was but stories, long shadows cast by centuries of constant war.

But fear has a way of making even the most rational of minds question their truths.

When the fae first acquired magic, and man looked desperately for a means of leveling the playing field, Scaled were sacrificed to the same experiments as the Dragons themselves, their blood spilled, their scales pulled from their bodies, regardless of no true signs of bearing magic themselves. Many more were kept as 'pets,' seen as trophies/dragons in human flesh. 

It wasn't until the discovery of the Dragon-blessed that the ideology behind their existence began to change. Lithelle, a Scaled hidden in secret, had joined the Citadel, intrigued by knowledge of her kind, and of the dragons who had been their blight for so long. She would later go on to be the first to bond with a dragon, nursing the beast back to health instead of turning to the usual harvesting of its parts. 

Secrets of the Scaled 
Dragon-born share a unique bond with dragons, in that they have a destined pair. Soulmates, onesouled, true brother, whichever the term used, the scales are in fact the same hue with their chosen dragon. Most bare their scales upon birth for the sole fact that their dragon already lives in the world, as it is rare indeed for the human to be born first. If in the extremely rare instance this occurs, people previously absent the scales will develop them over a long series of months, a painful process as the scales are fully hardened beneath the skin. Due to this unique bond, when either partner of this union perishes, the other will soon follow, regardless of whom; dragon or human.

In addition, they experience Dracis', dragon dreams; believed to be a means of aiding the pair in finding each other. Often Scaled will speak of experiencing flying in their dreams, above unfamiliar and distant lands. Perhaps these dreams are not what the dragon is seeing but rather, what their united soul desires most; freedom. Born of their deeper bonds, the Dragon-born are emotionally driven beings, exhibiting sudden outbursts often mirrored by their partners, a link of emotions that has little filter between them. It is in these emotionally charged moments that the Scaled are capable of extraordinary feats, such as possessing strength far outside the norm of a simple human, or in increased reflexes and awareness.

As man turned more and more towards the Dragon-blessed as a means to combat the fae and their burgeoning magic, the Scaled began to propagate as some of the most skilled of the Sal. They forged deeper bonds with their dragons, excelled in aerial combat whereas others struggled, and above all else, were loyal to the crown with a sudden avenue that freed them from the prosecution that terrorized them for centuries. Suddenly, there was another option; the only option truly, for those born of the Scale. Children who came into the word bearing their mark were no longer killed, but instead, were brought before the Crown, and offered as a solider to the Kings growing Armada of Pendilor. These dragon riders, became the kings strongest warriors.

And so, the Scaled broke free of one set of chains, only to find themselves falling into another.

Features of Scaling
- Hard scales that form along various parts of their bodies (varies in color)
- Deep-set into the flesh, results in deep pock like scarring when removed
- Scaling that is removed will regrow, usually denser
- Retains human eye structure, though more angular, but has more metallic, reptilian hues

Hierarchy of the Armada of Pendilor

Draceum: (1/1 available) Commander of the Armada, a skilled warrior hand-picked by the King. Will often be present at royal court as a status marker for the royal family. Will always be of common birth due to the King desiring to keep the noble houses from gaining power amongst his army. 

Archeum: (3/4 available) Captians of the Armada, they are usually trained by the Draceum during mentorships that are obligatory for all new fledglings. Have proven themselves in battle and have killed at least one dragon to prove their mettle. Usually from noble birth.

Dragonlord: (12/12 available) Members of the Armada, these include both seasoned and new members who have passed their mentorship. Most of the common folk as well as the royal court refer to the Armada as Dragonlords as a whole. It is expected that all legions of the Kings full army have at least one pair of Dragonlords with them when participating in important battles due to their immense battle prowess.

Fledgling: (unlimited) New members of the Armada, these include youths who are newly bound to their dragons as well as those who have yet to be paired. Will be partnered with a senior member of the Armada to learn aerial combat, hand to hand and armed combat, in addition to terrain and weather reading, storm riding, and dragon lore and anatomy.

Updated 2019.08.02, approved by Gull prior to change.

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