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Dragon Shapeshifting: Adapting to Survive

Humans and fae believed the wild dragons to be nearing extinction.  While they were not far from the truth, there was another reason for their thinning numbers.  They were hiding in plain sight.

Enraged and dismayed by the species' dwindling existence, an elder Alpha dragon named Vyda took it upon themselves to surmise a solution.  Through their arcane magic and superior intellect, they manifested the ability for wild dragons to shapeshift based on their birth region. This magic was taught to wild dragons and meant to be passed down as a means of protection.

Norder dragons can shapeshift into any animal that is native to arctic or cold regions and incapable of flight (e.g. polar bears, arctic foxes, reindeer, arctic wolves, wolverines, etc.).

Austan dragons can shapeshift into any animal that is native to woodlands and incapable of flight (e.g. mountain lions, foxes, wolves, bobcats, deer, etc.).

Vestrian dragons can shapeshift into any animal that is capable of sustained flight (e.g. birds and bats).

Sunna dragons can shapeshift in any animal that is native to desert regions and incapable of flight (e.g. fennec foxes, camels, coyotes, lizards, jack rabbits, wild dogs, etc.).

Eylander dragons can shapeshift into any animal that is capable of swimming (naturally) or breathing/living under water.

Elder/arcane dragons can shapeshift into any animal they choose.

As a note, a wild dragon must make an initial, one-time conscious choice of what animal they will shapeshift into.  Once this choice is made, that is the only form they may take, other than their natural shape.

Shapeshifting is a passive ability which is solely triggered by fear or the presence of a human or fae that the wild dragon does not trust.  Unless a wild dragon truly trusts a humanoid, they have no control over the shift and will stay that way until they are certain the person can’t see them.  Only rage will break the shift, forcing the dragon to reveal their true form.

These shifts look entirely authentic, save for the color of the eyes, which reflect the dragon's original eye color.  For the latter reason, the shifted dragon will often keep at a distance or avoid eye contact/revealing their eyes.

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8/5/19 I'm so glad you've expanded on the lore behind the dragon species! This gives an entirely new dimension to how they survive; absolutely brilliant!
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Thank you for your contribution to THOD!

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